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dret.net is a small web server that i run for my personal enjoyment (and to be able to play around with new web-related stuff). it uses the apache web server, which not only is a very good web server, it also deserves credits to be one of the first free software products (together with linux) to overcome the stigma of free software as being unreliable and not appropriate for professional use. it still is amazing too see how many people fall for marketing blurbs (preferably including the words "mission-critical" and similar content-free terms), but even under these circumstances apache does very well. to see how well exactly, check out the latest netcraft server survey.

dret.net is configured in a way that all web servers should be configured. as tim berners-lee once stated, cool URIs don't change, and this is the reason why you don't need to (and, in fact, should not) use any extensions for the resources on this server (if you want to know more about how to do this in apache, let me know). this is nice because no matter what kind of browser you are using, HTML, XML or even WAP/WML, the URI always is the same, because the web server is smart enough to respond with the appropriate content type (at least that was my idea. however, due to some incredibly stupid things in the common browsers, i still have to figure out how to do this really transparently without being too much work. stay tuned...).

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