Authoring Challenges for Device Independence

Rhys Lewis

Rhys Lewis, Authoring Challenges for Device Independence, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-acdi-20030901, September 2003.

This document discusses the challenges that authors commonly face when building web content and applications that can be accessed by users via a wide variety of different devices with different capabilities. The document examines the effects on authors and the implications for authoring techniques that assist in the preparation of sites that can support a wide variety of devices. As a consequence, it also derives a set of requirements for such techniques. This document is one of a series produced by the Device Independence Working Group, part of the W3C Device Independence Activity. The DIWG activity statement can be seen at Other documents in the series address the implementation of solutions to the requirements raised here. For example, there are documents in the series reviewing current techniques that can be used to address these requirements and exploring how future versions of existing W3C specifications can provide solutions.


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