CALS Table Model Document Type Definition

Harvey Bingham

Harvey Bingham, CALS Table Model Document Type Definition, Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, OASIS Technical Memorandum TM 9502:1995, October 1995.

This OASIS Technical Memorandum consists of a recommendation for an update to the CALS table model DTD model that will be submitted to the appropriate CALS authority with the expectation that it will be accepted as the next revision of the official CALS table model and that a Formal Public Identifier will be assigned to facilitate referencing of this model. Note that the set of element and attribute declarations in the markup declaration module section of this document partially defines the CALS table model. However, the model is not well-defined without the accompanying natural language description of the semantics (meanings) of these various elements, attributes, and attribute values. The semantic writeup, in the section following that containing the markup declaration module, must be used in conjunction with the element and attribute declarations.


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