Querying Heterogeneous XML Sources through a Conceptual Schema

Sandro Daniel Camillo, Carlos A. Heuser, Ronaldo dos Santos Mello


XML is a widespread W3C standard used by several kinds of applications for data representation and exchange over the web. In the context of a system that provides semantic integration of heterogeneous XML sources, the same information at a semantic level may have different representations in XML. However, the syntax of an XML query depends on the structure of the specific XML source. Therefore, in order to obtain the same query result, one must write a specific query for each XML source. To deal with such problem, a much better solution is to state queries against a global conceptual schema and then translate them into an XML query against each specific data source. This paper presents CXPath (Conceptual XPath), a language for querying XML sources at the conceptual level, as well as a translation mechanism that converts a CXPath query to an XPath query against a specific XML source.


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