Extending the Role of the Digital Library: Computer Support for Creating Articles

Leslie A. Carr, Timothy Miles-Board, Gary Wills, Guillermo Power, Christopher Bailey, Wendy Hall, Simon Grange


A digital library, together with its users and its contents, does not exist in isolated splendour; nor in hypertext terms is it merely the intertextual relationships between its texts. There is a cycle of activities which provides the context for the library's existence, and which the library supports through its various roles of information access, discovery, storage, dissemination and preservation. This paper describes the role of digital library systems in the undertaking of science, and in particular in the context of the recent developments of the Grid for computer-supported scientific collaboration and Virtual Universities for computer-supported education. This paper focuses on a specific framework, the Dynamic Review Journal, which supports the development and dissemination of documents by assisting authors in collating and analysing experimental results, organising internal project discussions, and producing papers. By bridging the gap between the undertaking of experimental work and the dissemination of its results through electronic publication, this work addresses the cycle of activity in which a digital library rests.


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