Compact HTML for Small Information Appliances

Tomihisa Kamada

Tomihisa Kamada, Compact HTML for Small Information Appliances, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-compactHTML-19980209, February 1998.

The Internet infrastructure has been developed all over the world, and nowadays there are a variety of devices equipped with the Internet-access function, from TV sets to wireless cellular phones. The HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is widely accepted and spread as the standard of the WWW(World Wide Web) document format. The "Compact HTML" proposed here defines a subset of HTML for small information appliances such as smart phones, smart communicators, mobile PDAs, and etc. Such a certain level of HTML is strongly required as a guideline from the manufacturers of small information devices, service providers, carriers, and software developers. Since "Compact HTML" is completely based on the HTML recommendations, we can use millions of HTML-based content resources, various software tools, and public materials (textbooks, magazines, and web information).


Keywords: cHTML (Compact HTML);


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