The CSS 'Reader' Media Type

Bert Bos

Bert Bos, The CSS 'Reader' Media Type, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft WD-css3-reader-20040224, February 2004.

'Reader' is a keyword for use in Media Queries. When a Media Query that includes the 'reader' keyword is attached to (a link to) a style sheet, it indicates that that style sheet is designed to be used by a "reader" device (typically a screen reader), that both displays and speaks a document at the same time. It may also display the document and render it in braille at the same time, or do all three. Media Queries (and thus 'reader') can be used in documents in HTML, XML, SVG, CSS and other formats, wherever they link to a style sheet, and potentially also in links to other resources. (But the latter is not treated in this specification.)


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