Guidelines for Web Content Transformation Proxies 1.0

Jo Rabin

Jo Rabin, Guidelines for Web Content Transformation Proxies 1.0, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-ct-guidelines-20101026, October 2010.

This document provides guidance to Content Transformation proxies as to whether and how to transform Web content. Content Transformation proxies alter requests sent by user agents to servers and responses returned by servers so that the appearance, structure or control flow of Web applications are modified. Content Transformation proxies are mostly used to convert Web sites designed for desktop computers to a form suitable for mobile devices. Based on current practice and standards, this document specifies mechanisms with which Content Transformation proxies should make their presence known to other parties, present the outcome of alterations performed on HTTP traffic, and react to indications set by clients or servers to constrain these alterations. The objective is to reduce undesirable effects on Web applications, especially mobile-ready ones, and to limit the diversity in the modes of operation of Content Transformation proxies, while at the same time allowing proxies to alter content that would otherwise not display successfully on mobile devices. Important considerations regarding the impact on security are highlighted.


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