Content Transformation Landscape 1.0

Jo Rabin, Andrew Swainston

Jo Rabin, Andrew Swainston, Content Transformation Landscape 1.0, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft NOTE-ct-landscape-20091027, October 2009.

This document identifies the issues surrounding use of transforming proxies in the delivery of Web content. It does not comment on the techniques that cause these issues, it merely identifies them in order to inform the requirements of the Content Transformation Guidelines document. That document is to offer recommendations as to how components of the delivery context can cooperate to achieve, at a minimum, a functional user experience. In this revision the document is largely historical — the Content Transformation Guidelines document, published under the title "Guidelines for Web Content Transformation Proxies" was initially inspired by the set of requirements identified in this document, but has subsequently evolved based on available technologies and feedback.


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