Device Description Ecosystem

Rotan Hanrahan

Rotan Hanrahan, Device Description Ecosystem, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-dd-ecosystem-20071031, October 2007.

This W3C Note describes the business models surrounding the creation, maintenance and use of device descriptions. It identifies the main actors in the current model, explores their motivations for participating, identifies the costs associated with participation and the benefits that accrue to participants. It is shown in this Note that the current model is incomplete, partly because of the absence of a common repository that can address the needs of the various actors. A complete model is postulated, on the assumption of the existence of a common repository, from which is derived some key requirements upon such a repository to ensure the success of the model. This Note should be read in conjunction with the DDWG Landscape document, which provides details of the particular technologies and actors currently engaged in work related to device descriptions. This Note, together with the Landscape document, provides input to the DDWG Requirements document.


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