Device Description Landscape

Eman Nkeze, James Pearce, Matt Womer

Eman Nkeze, James Pearce, Matt Womer, Device Description Landscape, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-dd-landscape-20071031, October 2007.

Developing Web content for mobile devices is more challenging than developing for the desktop Web. Compared to desktop Web clients, mobile Web devices come in a much wider range of shapes, sizes and capabilities. The mobile Web developer relies upon accurate device descriptions in order to dynamically adapt content to suit the client. This Note describes what efforts the W3C and other organizations are doing in order to provide accurate device descriptions. This Note should be read in conjunction with the DDWG Ecosystem document. This Note, together with the Ecosystem document, provides input to the proposed DDWG Requirements document as described in the DDWG Charter.


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