Geolocation Privacy and Application Platforms

Nick Doty, Erik Wilde


Security and privacy issues for Location-Based Services (LBS) and geolocation-capable applications often revolve around the idea of designing a User Interface (UI) which satisfies certain requirements so that users are informed about what the services or applications are doing, and have the ability to accept or decline. However, in a world where applications increasingly draw on a wide variety of LBS providers as the back-end, and where more and more applications are using small-screen or even screenless devices, UI-centered views of designing security and privacy are no longer sufficient. In this position paper, we describe the increasingly varied landscape of platforms with which users are faced today, and argue that the most important level to look at is the service level, so that security and privacy issues are described and negotiated in a machine-readable way, and can thus be adapted to new platforms and UIs more easily. While matters of UI and User Experience (UX) are important, we argue that they should be derived from a service-oriented view, instead of being designed and built for each platform individually.


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