Enterprise Modeling with Conceptual XML

David W. Embley, Stephen W. Liddle, Reema Al-Kamha


An open challenge is to integrate XML and conceptual modeling in order to satisfy large-scale enterprise needs. Because enterprises typically have many data sources using different assumptions, formats, and schemas, all expressed in — or soon to be expressed in — XML, it is easy to become lost in an avalanche of XML detail. This creates an opportunity for the conceptual modeling community to provide improved abstractions to help manage this detail. We present a vision for Conceptual XML (C-XML) that builds on the established work of the conceptual modeling community over the last several decades to bring improved modeling capabilities to XML-based development. Building on a framework such as C-XML will enable better management of enterprise-scale data and more rapid development of enterprise applications.


Keywords: C-XML (Conceptual XML)0.9;


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