File API: Writer

Eric Uhrhane

Eric Uhrhane, File API: Writer, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft WD-file-writer-api-20101026, October 2010.

This specification defines an API for writing to files from web applications. This API is designed to be used in conjunction with, and depends on definitions in, other APIs and elements on the web platform. Most relevant among these are File API and Web Workers. This API includes: A BlobBuilder interface, which enables one to build a Blob from a String; A FileSaver interface, which provides methods to write a Blob to a file, and an event model to monitor the progress of those writes; A FileWriter interface, which expands on FileSaver to add a richer set of output options; A FileWriterSync interface, which provides methods to write and modify files synchronously in a Web Worker.


Keywords: DOM (Document Object Model)0.9;


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