Accessing Related Web Resources Through Annotated Documents

Jun Fujima, Yuzuru Tanaka


This paper proposes a new framework for organizing and accessing Web resources using loci defined on arbitrary Web documents. Our framework allows users to store Web resources in user-specified loci on a Web document to define a relation among them. This relation is retained as a set of tuples in a table called a Topica table. When users access such a locus, the resources associated with this locus are presented on the display screen. Each locus is associated with an attribute of the Topica table associated with this document. Our framework enables users to dynamically define such loci, called topoi, on arbitrary Web documents, and to input and/or output tuples of Web resources to and from a set of topoi defined on each of these Web documents. In addition, we propose a mechanism to access multiple related resources using a history of users' navigation through such documents.


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