Collaborative Knowledge Management and Ontologies: The ONTO-LOGGING Platform

Stelios Gerogiannakis, Marios Sintichakis, Nikos Achilleopoulos


Corporate memories (stored information and internal processes) in both private and public organizations grow at an exponential rate. This growth is not only quantitative but also qualitative, in the form of increasing interdependencies between processes and information bits. Although the quantitative growth is relatively easy to handle, increasing information complexity is constantly pushing existing information systems to their limits. It is slowly becoming a self-proving fact that organizations will have to transition from the traditional model of searchable/updatable repositories of "facts and figures" to self-organizing, self-adapting corporate knowledge management systems. Ontologies and Semantic Web principles are the most promising relevant technology, now entering their mature age, allowing the creation of extensible vocabularies able to describe any semantic area. Project ONTO-LOGGING is an attempt to harness the full potential of ontologies as a flexible tool of knowledge management within any knowledge-driven organization, such as corporations and public ad-ministrations.


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