Call Signalling Protocols and Media Stream Packetization for Packet-based Multimedia Communication Systems

International Telecommunication Union


This Recommendation covers the technical requirements for narrow-band visual telephone services defined in H.200 and F.720-series Recommendations, in those situations where the transmission path includes one or more packet-based networks, each of which is configured and managed to provide a non-guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) which is not equivalent to that of N-ISDN, such that additional protection or recovery mechanisms beyond those mandated by ITU-T Rec. H.320 need be provided in the terminals. It is noted that ITU-T Rec. H.322 addresses the use of some other LANs which are able to provide the underlying performance not assumed by the ITU-T Recs H.323 and H.225.0. This Recommendation describes how audio, video, data, and control information on a packet-based network can be managed to provide conversational services in H.323 equipment. Annex G describes methods to allow address resolution between administrative domains in H.323 systems for the purpose of completing calls between the administrative domains. An administrative domain exposes itself to other administrative domains through a type of logical element known as a border element.


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