Principles of Dataspace Systems

Alon Y. Halevy, Michael J. Franklin, David Maier


The most acute information management challenges today stem from organizations relying on a large number of diverse, interrelated data sources, but having no means of managing them in a convenient, integrated, or principled fashion. These challenges arise in enterprise and government data management, digital libraries, "smart" homes and personal information management. We have proposed dataspaces as a data management abstraction for these diverse applications and DataSpace Support Platforms (DSSPs) as systems that should be built to provide the required services over dataspaces. Unlike data integration systems, DSSPs do not require full semantic integration of the sources in order to provide useful services. This paper lays out specific technical challenges to realizing DSSPs and ties them to existing work in our field. We focus on query answering in DSSPs, the DSSP's ability to introspect on its content, and the use of human attention to enhance the semantic relationships in a dataspace.


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