Linkage Query Writer

Oktie Hassanzadeh, Reynold Xin, Renée J. Miller, Anastasios Kementsietsidis, Lipyeow Lim, Min Wang


We present Linkage Query Writer (LinQuer), a system for generating SQL queries for semantic link discovery over relational data. The LinQuer framework consists of (a) LinQL, a language for specification of linkage requirements; (b) a web interface and an API for translating LinQL queries to standard SQL queries; (c) an interface that assists users in writing LinQL queries. We discuss the challenges involved in the design and implementation of a declarative and easy to use framework for discovering links between different data items in a single data source or across different data sources. We demonstrate different steps of the linkage requirements specification and discovery process in several real world scenarios and show how the LinQuer system can be used to create high-quality linked data sources.


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