Making CONCUR Work

Mirco Hilbert, Oliver Schonefeld, Andreas Witt


The SGML feature CONCUR allowed for a document to be simultaneously marked up in multiple conflicting hierarchical tagsets but validated and interpreted in one tagset at a time. Alas, CONCUR was rarely implemented, and XML does not address the problem of conflicting hierarchies at all. The MuLaX document syntax is a non-XML syntax that enables multiply-encoded hierarchies by distinguishing different "layers" in the hierarchy by adding a layer ID as a prefix to the element names. The IDs tie all the elements in a single hierarchy together in an "annotation layer". Extraction of a single annotation layer results in a well-formed XML document, and each annotation layer may be associated with an XML schema. The MuLaX processing model works on the nodes of one annotation layer at a time through XPath-like navigation. CONCUR lives!


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