Big, Fast XQuery: Enabling Content Applications

Mary Holstege

Mary Holstege, Big, Fast XQuery: Enabling Content Applications, IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, 31(4):41-48, December 2008.

Increasingly, companies recognize that most of their important information does not exist in relational stores but in documents. For a long time, textual information has been relatively inaccessible and unusable. Database applications allow relational data to be used and re-used; the architecture of relational database systems allow such applications to function even in the face of large amounts of data. XML and XQuery now allow the creation of a new kind of application that unlocks content in a similar way: a content application. In this paper, we examine the technologies that enable content applications to operate at scale in the context of MarkLogic Server.


Keywords: XQuery (XML Query)0.8;


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