HTTP Vocabulary in RDF 1.0

Johannes Koch, Carlos A. Velasco

Johannes Koch, Carlos A. Velasco, HTTP Vocabulary in RDF 1.0, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft WD-HTTP-in-RDF10-20091029, October 2009.

The identification of resources on the Web by a Uniform Resource Identifier(URI) alone may not be sufficient, as other factors such as HTTP content negotiation might come into play. This issue is particularly significant for quality assurance testing, conformance claims, and reporting languages like the W3C Evaluation And Report Language (EARL). This document provides a representation of the HTTP vocabulary in the Resource Description Framework (RDF), to allow quality assurance tools to record the HTTP headers that have been exchanged between a client and a server. The RDF terms defined by this document represent the core HTTP specification defined by RFC 2616, as well as additional HTTP headers registered by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). These terms can also be used to record HTTPS exchanges.


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