Translating XSLT Programs to Efficient SQL Queries

Sushant Jain, Ratul Mahajan, Dan Suciu


We present an algorithm for translating XSLT programs into SQL. Our context is that of virtual XML publishing, in which a single XML view is defined from a relational database, and subsequently queried with XSLT programs. Each XSLT program is translated into a single SQL query and run entirely in the database engine. Our translation works for a large fragment of XSLT, which we define, that includes descendant/ancestor axis, recursive templates, modes, parameters, and aggregates. We put considerable effort in generating correct and efficient SQL queries and describe several optimization techniques to achieve this efficiency. We have tested our system on all 22 SQL queries of the TPC-H database benchmark which we represented in XSLT and then translated back to SQL using our translator.


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