Genetic Location-Based Social Networks (G-LBSN)

Hassan Karimi


Despite much advances in both general and targeted Social Network Services (SNS) and Location-Based Social Networks (LBSN), there is currently a void in literatures on SNS that form temporary social networks to address specific problems and employ intelligent classification of members and coordination of tasks toward goal oriented action. In this position paper, we present Genetic Location-Based Social Networks (G-LBSN) which is a new concept in social networking where temporary social networks, to address specific problems, are formed. Unique characteristics of G-LBSN include: (a) formation of temporary social networks (each network has a life time which spans from its inception until the problem is solved); (b) classification of members based on their proximity to given locations, their contribution to the solution, and their availability; (c) assignment of tasks to selected members; and (d) coordination and supervision of members activities and the progress toward a solution.


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