Automatic Generation of XML DTDs from Conceptual Database Schemas

Carsten Kleiner, Udo W. Lipeck


The goal of this article is to present an algorithm to simplify the automatic generation of descriptions of XML document structures. In particular we show how to obtain a DTD (document type definition) for data whose structure is described by a conceptual data model. An important objective of this translation is to preserve as much structural information from the conceptual schema as possible. This enables partial constraint checking by validating XML parsers and thus simplifies exchange of data between different databases, in particular the import of data in an XML document into another database schema. In detail we present translations of all constructs of an extended entity-relationship model to DTDs and integrate these into an algorithm. By basing the algorithm on conceptual schemas it is very general and may be customized for data in (object-)relational databases as well as data in databases of any other paradigm, e.g. native XML databases.


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