Semantic Web Technologies for Information Management within e-Government Services

Ralf Klischewski, Martti Jeenicke


This article examines a case of developing a prototype for an ontology-driven e-government application based on Semantic Web technologies in order to learn more about how to interrelate systems development with the tasks of information and knowledge management related to e-government service provision. The focus of evaluation is set by analyzing the information management challenges specific to the administrative domain and by the need for taking into account the increased granularity of informational resources and the manifold semantic differences in dealing with those resources. Following the different tasks and problems within the development process the authors identify what appeared to be critical issues: requirements analysis, choice and mastering of Semantic Web technologies, representation of ontology and informational resources, creating interfaces for users and other services. Based on the project analysis, the article concludes by suggesting an agenda for the cooperation of administrative information managers and systems developers as a prerequisite for successful Semantic Web projects in e-government.


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