Interoperable Augmented Web Browsing for Exploring Virtual Media in Real Space

Ryong Lee, Daisuke Kitayama, Yong-Jin Kwon, Kazutoshi Sumiya


Although location-based information systems can now be accessed from mobile devices, searching for information from an outdoor environment requires a significant amount of effort given the time-consuming manipulations that need to be made. Augmented-Reality (AR) based systems can help resolve these issues by reducing the physical effort required to input keywords onto a small keyboard, and the mental effort necessary to review the search results. But most AR systems do not consider media sharing environments where individual systems are not interoperable in respect of their media and browsing abilities. In this paper, we focus on a media environment for interoperable augmented-reality systems, making the assumption that such devices will become more wide spread and that many people will share individual media in a real-world space. Furthermore, we describe such emerging scenarios and new research issues. We also present a model to manage the futuristic data, making it similar to existing physical media, and show a practical example using the system we have developed.


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