Semantic Data Modeling Using XML Schemas

Murali Mani, Dongwon Lee, Richard R. Muntz


Most research on XML has so far largely neglected the data modeling aspects of XML schemas. In this paper, we attempt to make a systematic approach to data modeling capabilities of XML schemas. We first formalize a core set of features among a dozen competing XML schema language proposals and introduce a new notion of XGrammar. The benefits of such formal description is that it is both concise and precise. We then compare the features of XGrammar with those of the Entity-Relationship (ER) model. We especially focus on three data modeling capabilities of XGrammar: (a) the ability to represent ordered binary relationships, (b) the ability to represent a set of semantically equivalent but structurally different types as "one" type using the closure properties, and (c) the ability to represent recursive relationships.


Keywords: XSD (XML Schema Definition Language)0.7; (undefined keyword: xgrammar);


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