A Rule-Based Conversion of a DTD to a Conceptual Schema

Ronaldo dos Santos Mello, Carlos A. Heuser


XML is a common standard for semi-structured and structured data representation and exchange over the Web. This paper describes a semi-automatic process for converting an XML DTD to a schema in a canonical conceptual model based on ORM/NIAM and extended ER models. This process is part of a bottom-up approach for integration of XML sources that takes a set of DTDs and generates an ontology for query purposes. A conceptual schema for a DTD simplifies the integration activity because provides a semantically rich representation of an XML source. The core of the process is a set of conversion rules that consider the DTD structure and heuristics related to default semantic interpretations on such structure in order to generate the corresponding concepts in the canonical conceptual schema.


Keywords: DTD (Document Type Definition)0.7;


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