W3C mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0

Sean Owen, Jo Rabin

Sean Owen, Jo Rabin, W3C mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0, World Wide Web Consortium, Recommendation REC-mobileOK-basic10-tests-20081208, December 2008.

This document defines the tests that provide the basis for making a claim of W3C mobileOK Basic conformance and are based on W3C Mobile Web Best Practices. The details of how to claim mobileOK conformance will be described separately. Providers of content which passes the tests have taken some steps to provide a functional user experience for users of basic mobile devices whose capabilities at least match those of the Default Delivery Context (DDC). mobileOK Basic primarily assesses basic usability, efficiency and interoperability. It does not address the important goal of assessing whether users of more advanced devices enjoy a richer user experience than is possible using the DDC.


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