Server Push for Web Applications via Instant Messaging

Mikko Pohja

Mikko Pohja, Server Push for Web Applications via Instant Messaging, Journal of Web Engineering, 9(3):227-242, September 2010.

Server Push is an essential part of modern web applications. The ability to send relevant information to users in reaction to new events enables highly interactive applications on the WWW. User interfaces of desktop applications have had a two-way communication with underlying software since their advent, but web applications are only reaching the same state now. In addition, currently, server push is usually emulated using pull technology, as HTTP protocol alone is not sufficient to realize a real push. This paper evaluates how an instant messaging protocol, namely XMPP, can complement HTTP-based web applications. We present a communication paradigm of a push system and an implementation of it. In addition, another communication paradigm is sketched for inter-widget messaging on the Web. Based on that paradigm a new research problem is defined and presented.


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