Manu Sporny, Benjamin Adrian, Mark Birbeck

Manu Sporny, Benjamin Adrian, Mark Birbeck, RDFa API, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft WD-rdfa-api-20100923, September 2010.

RDFa enables authors to publish structured information that is both human- and machine-readable. Concepts that have traditionally been difficult for machines to detect, like people, places, events, music, movies, and recipes, are now easily marked up in Web documents. While publishing this data is vital to the growth of Linked Data, using the information to improve the collective utility of the Web for humankind is the true goal. To accomplish this goal, it must be simple for Web developers to extract and utilize structured information from a Web document. This document details such a mechanism; an RDFa Application Programming Interface (RDFa API) that allows simple extraction and usage of structured information from a Web document.


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