Hunter Gatherer: Interaction Support for the Creation and Management of Within-Web-Page Collections

Monica C. Schraefel, Yuxiang Zhu, David Modjeska, Daniel Wigdor, Shengdong Zhao


Hunter Gatherer is an interface that lets Web users carry out three main tasks: (1) collect components from within Web pages; (2) represent those components in a collection; (3) edit those component collections. Our research shows that while the practice of making collections of content from within Web pages is common, it is not frequent, due in large part to poor interaction support in existing tools. We engaged with users in task analysis as well as iterative design reviews in order to understand the interaction issues that are part of within-Web-page collection making and to design an interaction that would support that process. We report here on that design development, as well as on the evaluations of the tool that evolved from that process, and the future work stemming from these results, in which our critical question is: what happens to users' perceptions of web-based resources and their web-based information management practices when they can treat this information as harvestable, recontextualizable data, rather than as fixed pages?


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