XML Schema Compact Syntax (XSCS) Version 1.0

Kilian Stillhard, Erik Wilde

Kilian Stillhard, Erik Wilde, XML Schema Compact Syntax (XSCS) Version 1.0, Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory, ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland, TIK Report 166, March 2003.

XML Schema is a schema language for XML, providing advanced features for creating types, deriving types, and a library of built-in simple datatypes. The model behind XML Schema are XML Schema components, and XML Schema uses XML syntax for representing XML Schema components. In this report, we present an alternative syntax for XML Schema, which is defined using EBNF productions. Since the new syntax has been designed with the design goals of readability and compactness, it is called XML Schema Compact Syntax (XSCS). XSCS has been created for making XML Schema easier to read and write by humans, while XML Schema's XML syntax is better suited for automated processing of XML Schemas. Consequently, XSCS is not meant as a replacement of the XML syntax, but as a complementary syntax.


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