SVG Referenced Parameter Variables 1.0, Part 1: Primer

Doug Schepers

Doug Schepers, SVG Referenced Parameter Variables 1.0, Part 1: Primer, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft WD-SVGParamPrimer-20090616, June 2009.

The SVG Parameters specification is an SVG 2.0 Module to provide a declarative way to incorporate parameter values into SVG content. Often, users may wish to create a single resource, and reuse it several times with specified variations, and this specification provides a means to do so without the use of script. Although originally designed for use in SVG, some aspects of this specification are defined in XML and are accessed via presentation properties, and therefore could be used in other environments, such as HTML styled with CSS and XSL:FO. This document introduces the features used by SVG Parameters, for the use of the average developer or author.


Keywords: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)0.9;


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