Representing Specified Values in OWL: "value partitions" and "value sets"

Alan Rector

Alan Rector, Representing Specified Values in OWL: "value partitions" and "value sets", World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-swbp-specified-values-20050517, May 2005.

Modelling various descriptive "features" (also known variously as "qualities", "attributes" or "modifiers") is a frequent requirement when creating ontologies. For example: "size" may describe persons or other physical objects and be constrained to take the values "small", "medium" or "large"; rank may describe military officers and restricted to a specific list of values depending on the military organisation. In OWL such descriptive features are modelled as properties whose range specifies the constraints on the values that the property can take on. This document describes two methods to represent such features and their specified values: 1) as partitions of classes; and 2) as enumerations of individuals. It does not discuss the use of datatypes to represent lists of values.


Keywords: OWL (Web Ontology Language)0.8;


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