W3C Personalization Roadmap: Ubiquitous Web Integration of AccessForAll 1.0

Andy Heath, Richard Schwerdtfeger

Andy Heath, Richard Schwerdtfeger, W3C Personalization Roadmap: Ubiquitous Web Integration of AccessForAll 1.0, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft NOTE-UWA-personalization-roadmap-20090409, April 2009.

This document describes an activity of integrating personalization with device context for the delivery of content materials and interface components that are customized to meet both individual personal needs and preferences and delivery context. It brings together the work of separate standards and specifications organizations and working groups, notably W3C Ubiquitous Web Applications working group, IMS Global Learning Consortium Accessibility Special Interest group, ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training: Human Diversity and Access For All working group and associated working groups in SC36. The document should be viewed as a roadmap for the work to be undertaken and includes description of the basis for the work, the organizational context, the likely technologies and a partially complete description of how the technologies fit together.


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