Vector Markup Language (VML)

Brian Mathews, Daniel T. Lee, Brian Dister, John Bowler, Howard Cooperstein, Ajay Jindal, Tuan Nguyen, Peter Wu, Troy Sandal


This document defines the Vector Markup Language (VML). VML is an application of Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 which defines a format for the encoding of vector information together with additional markup to describe how that information may be displayed and edited. The first part of this document is an introduction, which gives an overview of the way VML is organized and how it interacts with both XML and HTML as defined by the HTML 4.0 Specification. This is followed by detailed technical definition of the behavior of every VML element and the permitted and recommended behaviors for all applications. The introduction to this document is intended to be appropriate reading for someone who wishes to gain an overview of VML. The technical specification is intended for authors of application software which might use VML and for people who wish to assess the suitability of VML for a particular application. It may also be used by people who need to hand-author VML content. However it is anticipated that most such authoring will proceed by copy and paste of existing VML — VML is intended to be treated in this way.


Keywords: VML (Vector Markup Language);


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