WICD Mobile 1.0

Timur Mehrvarz, Lasse Pajunen, Julien Quint, Daniel Appelquist

Timur Mehrvarz, Lasse Pajunen, Julien Quint, Daniel Appelquist, WICD Mobile 1.0, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-WICDMobile-20100819, August 2010.

Compound Document is the W3C term for a document that combines multiple formats. The CDF Working Group has defined CDRF 1.0 as a framework to describe such documents. This document specifies WICD Mobile 1.0, a Compound Document profile based on XHTML, CSS, SVG and DOM, which conforms to CDRF 1.0 and WICD Core 1.0. WICD Mobile 1.0 is targeted at mobile agents and is a subset of WICD Full 1.0. WICD stands for Web Integration Compound Document.

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