XForms 1.0: Data Model

Micah Dubinko, Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, Dave Raggett

Micah Dubinko, Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer, Dave Raggett, XForms 1.0: Data Model, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft WD-xforms-datamodel-20000815, August 2000.

"XForms" is the name for W3C's work on the next generation of Web forms. This work was started in a subgroup of the HTML Working Group and recently spun off into an independent Working Group, with a broadened focus. The Working Group is currently studying how to support forms where the data model is defined by an XML Schema plus form specific properties. The previous version of the XForms Data Model is being obsoleted while this work is underway. The plan is for the next revision to this Working Draft to provide a description of the functional requirements for the XForms data model and logic, together with proposals for meeting these requirements using XML Schema plus XForms property annotations, and an alternative lighter weight syntax aimed at HTML authors. Later specifications will focus on the user interface aspects of XForms, and the means to submit, suspend and resume forms. For more information on the goals of work on XForms, please look at the XForms Requirements.


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