A WSDL 1.1 description for XKMS

Richard Salz, Yunhao Zhang

Richard Salz, Yunhao Zhang, A WSDL 1.1 description for XKMS, World Wide Web Consortium, Note NOTE-xkms-wsdl-20051118, November 2005.

The XML Key Management Specification (XKMS 2.0) is a W3C Recommendation that specifies protocols for distributing and registering public keys. The XML Key Management Service (XKMS) Working Group has defined a Web Service to handle conventional PKI (public-key infrastructure) functions such as registration, revocation and status, as well as related functions such as retrieval. This note provides a sample Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1 description for an XKMS service. It is intended that XKMS developers use this as a "first draft" for developing their own version. Conversion to WSDL 2.0 should be fairly straightforward, once that specification completes its Last Call.


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