XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.0

John M. Boyer, Merlin Hughes, Joseph M. Reagle

John M. Boyer, Merlin Hughes, Joseph M. Reagle, XML-Signature XPath Filter 2.0, World Wide Web Consortium, Recommendation REC-xmldsig-filter2-20021108, November 2002.

XML Signature recommends a standard means for specifying information content to be digitally signed and for representing the resulting digital signatures in XML. Some applications require the ability to specify a subset of a given XML document as the information content to be signed. The XML Signature specification meets this requirement with the XPath transform. However, this transform can be difficult to implement efficiently with existing technologies. This specification defines a new XML Signature transform to facilitate the development of efficient document subsetting implementations that interoperate under similar performance profiles.


Keywords: XML-DSig (XML-Signature); XPath 1.00.7;


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