XPath and XQuery Functions and Operators 1.1

Michael Kay

Michael Kay, XPath and XQuery Functions and Operators 1.1, World Wide Web Consortium, Working Draft WD-xpath-functions-11-20091215, December 2009.

This document defines constructor functions, operators, and functions on the datatypes defined in XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes Second Edition and the datatypes defined in XQuery and XPath Data Model (XDM) 1.1. It also defines functions and operators on nodes and node sequences as defined in the XQuery and XPath Data Model (XDM) 1.1. These functions and operators are defined for use in XML Path Language (XPath) 2.1, XQuery 1.1: An XML Query Language and XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 2.1 and other related XML standards. The signatures and summaries of functions defined in this document are available at: http://www.w3.org/2005/xpath-functions. This is the third version of the specification of this function library. The first version was included as an intrinsic part of the XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.0 specification published on 16 November 1999. The second version was published under the title XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and Operators on 23 January 2007. This third version is the first to carry its own version number, which has been arbitrarily set at 1.1 to align with version numbering for XQuery.

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