TimeTable.Locky : Nation Wide WiFi Location Information System based on User Contributed Information

Motoki Yano, Katsuhiko Kaji, Nobuo Kawaguchi


We introduce an iPhone/iPod touch timetable application using WiFi location system named "Eki.Locky". This application adopts UGC (User Generated Content) approach to collect TimeTable information andWiFi access point (AP) information from public users. Since the service started in October 2009, Eki.Locky has been used by over 440,000 people, posted timetable information covers 98% of all stations in Japan and 350,000 WiFi AP information were collected. In addition, since June 2010, we started a new version of this application named "TimeTable.Locky" which supports any timetable such as buses and airplanes. TimeTable.Locky also has been used large number of people, and collected over 23,000 of timetable information.


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