Binary XML Storage and Query Processing in Oracle 11g

Ning Zhang, Nipun Agarwal, Sivasankaran Chandrasekar, Sam Idicula, Vijay Medi, Sabina Petride, Balasubramanyam Sthanikam


Oracle RDBMS has supported XML data management for more than six years since version 9i. Prior to 11g, text-centric XML documents can be stored as-is in a CLOB column and schema-based data-centric documents can be shredded and stored in object-relational (OR) tables mapped from their XML Schema. However, both storage formats have intrinsic limitations — XML/CLOB has unacceptable query and update performance, and XML/OR requires XML schema. To tackle this problem, Oracle 11g introduces a native Binary XML storage format and a complete stack of data management operations. Binary XML was designed to address a wide range of real application problems encountered in XML data management — schema flexibility, amenability to XML indexes, update performance, schema evolution, just to name a few. In this paper, we introduce the Binary XML storage format based on Oracle SecureFiles System. We propose a lightweight navigational index on top of the storage and an NFA-based navigational algorithm to provide efficient streaming processing. We further optimize query processing by exploiting XML structural and schema information that are collected in database dictionary. We conducted extensive experiments to demonstrate high performance of the native Binary XML in query processing, update, and space consumption.


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