RESTfest 2017

Greenville, SC, September 14-16, 2017

Presenter: Erik Wilde

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REST Community Service: REST is all about designing and deploying services in a global decentralized shared space for information and services. The set of shared concepts used in this landscape is constantly evolving. One slow but important aspect of this ongoing evolution is standardization, a process that is necessarily slow, can be contentious, and requires quite a bit of energy and willingness to listen. Nevertheless, as part of the ongoing effort to make the Internet and the Web more useful for everybody, it is important that (some) members of the community participate in standardization. REST Community Service (23 Slides) IETF [] · W3C [] · Web Concepts [] · The Use of Registries []
Let's Fix HAL!: The Hypertext Application Language (HAL) has gained some popularity, but it also is held back by design issues that make the language ill-defined. This is a call to action to fix HAL and get it to the point where it is well-defined and its definition can enter an open and broad review and standardization process. Let's Fix HAL! (13 Slides) HAL Internet Draft []
Linksets: Links as First Class Citizens: Web Links play a central role in RESTful Web architecture and hypermedia. A new draft proposes a way to represent Web Links as standalone documents, and introduces two media types and one link relation for this new type of Web resource. This presentation presents the rationale and the design, and in essence is a request for community feedback. Linksets: Links as First Class Citizens (13 Slides) Linkset Internet Draft []
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