Working with a WCMS and a Data Model

Assignment 3 — Web Architecture Fall 2009

Assigned: Thursday, October 8th, 2009
Due: Sunday, October 18th, 2009


In our last assignment, we installed a WCMS and used it to accomplish some fairly straightforward tasks. In this assignment, we are going to use that WCMS to do some more complicated things involving the creation of a basic data model.


First: Be sure to look at the extra credit.

Second, using a WCMS of your choice, create a Web site that has the following features:

  • Has at least five objects, which can be displayed in three different ways.
    1. An abridged version of the content, such as the students have here, or as the lamps have here.
    2. An RSS or Atom feed, as demonstrated here.
    3. A detailed page as shown here or here.
  • Has a basic data model for the items that are being displayed. I created products, which had price, model number, a photo, a rating and a picture, but you're free to use your imagination for your data model, provided it is clear and that the views above are accomplished.

Once you have accomplished the above, please send a link to

Extra Credit:

For extra credit, explore this assignment, and complete it without the additional hints that we have been providing for the past two assignments.

As ever, do not hesitate to ask me questions though, as you have been.


If you Drupal throws you for a loop, and you would like the hints in exchange for not getting the extra credit, send an email to, with the subject a3 help. When you do that, you will receive an email detailing more information about how to accomplish this assignment using Drupal.

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