Security and Internationalization

Assignment 4 — Web Architecture Fall 2010

Assigned: Thursday, October 28th, 2010
Due: Thursday, November 4th, 2010


The goal of this assignment is to create a simple HTTP authentication and learn about the importance of Internationalization (I18N) in Web design.


Part A: Security

  1. Read about how to password-protect a directory and all of its subdirectories using HTTP authentication at HTTP Authentication Setup — A Quick-Step Guide.
  2. Create a folder called a4 on your Web server.
  3. Create three Web pages a4page1.html, a4page2.html and a4page3.html in the folder a4.
  4. Password protect these files using HTTP authentication:
    1. Create an .htaccess file in the a4 folder and put the required code in your .htaccess file.
    2. Create a password file .htpasswd using the htpasswd command and store two user-names Username 1 and Username 2 and their passwords in the .htpasswd file.
    3. Create a .htgroups file and put the required code in the .htgroups file such that:
      • a4page1.html is accessible only to user 1
      • a4page2.html is accessible only to user 2
      • a4page3.html is accessible to both user 1 and user 2

Part B: Internationalization

Usually when starting a new Web site, we will design the site for use in only one language. However, as the website becomes popular, it is often required to internationalize the site and make it accessible in many languages.

One interesting aspect of designing a multilingual Web site is deciding how to represent the language choice in the URLs.

Read about URIs for Multilingual Resources and explain in two pages or less how Domain Domains, DNS TLDs and Path Segment Name methods for internationalization differ from each other, what are some of their pros and cons and challenges as compared to each other. Also, discuss what aspects would you consider while choosing an internationalization method for your website. In particular, consider how the production of internationalized content and websites is organized in a company, and how that organizational aspect is supported by one specific way of organizing I18N URIs.

When complete, send the links to your files, your user 1 and user 2 details (username and password) and your essay to


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