Erik Wilde's Course List

This is a list of all of my courses I took during my Computer Science Studies at the Technical University of Berlin (TUB). The list on this page contains only the courses of the "Hauptstudium" (view the scanned certificate), I have lost track of my courses during the "Grundstudium", but some of the courses and the grades can be found on the scanned certificate of my Apprenticeship as "Informatik-Assistent" (Computer Science Assistant) at HMI.

In the course list, the column "SWS" lists the "Semesterwochenstunden", which is a wonderful german word for the hours/week that are necessary for a course. The grade listed are using the german grading system, where 1 denotes the best possible grade and 6 the worst.

Area Course Lecturer Semester SWS Grade
Kommunikations- und Betriebssysteme (Communication and Operating Systems) Internationale Standards für Informationstechnik-Systemarchitektur: International Standards for Information Technology Systems Architectures - OSI standards from layer 1 to 7 Ute Bormann Summer 1989 6 1
Übertragungs- und Vermittlungstechniken: Communication Technologies - Local area networks (Token Ring, Token Bus, Ethernet), metropolitan area networks (QPSX, DQDB), and wide area networks (X.25, ATM) Thomas Luckenbach Summer 1989 4 1
Grundlagen Verteilter Systeme: Foundations of Distributed Systems Radu Popescu-Zeletin Summer 1989 2 3
Konzepte objektorientierter Programmiersprachen: Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming Languages - Concepts and case studies of various OO languages (Smalltalk, Eiffel, C++, Objective C) Klaus-Peter Eckert Summer 1989 2 1
Verteilte Systeme II: Distributed Systems II - Seminar with case studies Thomas Magedanz Winter 1989/1990 2 2
Management in Verteilten Systemen: Management in Distributed Systems - Seminar with case studies, standards and technologies for monitoring and managing large scale distributed systems Thomas Magedanz, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat Winter 1989/1990 2 2
OSI-Rechnernetze und Anwendungssysteme im Deutschen Forschungsnetz: OSI Computer Networks and Applications in the German National Research Network (DFN) Wolfgang Bauerfeld Winter 1989/1990 2 1
Objektorientierte Verteilte Systeme: Object-Oriented Distributed Systems Klaus-Peter Eckert Summer 1990 6 1
Multimedia-Datenkommunikation: Multimedia Communications Heinz-Ulrich Lemke Summer 1990 2 1
Wissensbasierte Systeme (Knowledge-based Systems) Grundlagen der künstlichen Intelligenz: Foundations of Artifical Intelligence Erhard Konrad Winter 1988/1989 6 1
Expertensysteme: Expert Systems - Knowledge representation, decision models Erhard Konrad Winter 1989/1990 4 1
Technische Informatik (Computer Engineering) Robotik II: Robotics II - Plan generation, collision avoidance Günter Hommel Summer 1989 4 2
Robotik I: Robotics I - Mathematical foundations, robot kinematics Günter Hommel Winter 1989/1990 4 1
Robotik Projekt: Robotics Project - Simulation of robots in an industry environment Günter Hommel Winter 1989/1990 4 1
Sprachsignalverarbeitung/Mustererkennung: Speech Signal Processing and Pattern Matching Bernhard Kriener Summer 1990 2 2
Informatik und Gesellschaft (Computer Science and Society) Datenschutz: Privacy - Legal foundations Bernd Lutterbeck Winter 1989/1990 4 1
Datenschutz in Offenen Kommunikationssystemen: Data Security in Open Communication Systems Bernd Lutterbeck Summer 1990 2 1
Theoretische Informatik (Theoretical Computer Science) Mathematische Grundlagen der Computergraphik: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics Ulrich Pinkall Summer 1989 4 2
Formale Grundlagen der Linguistik: Formal Foundations of Linguistics Klaus Brockhaus Winter 1989/1990 2 2
Algebra für Informatiker: Algebra for Computer Scientists - Specifications, proofs of correctness Werner Fey Summer 1990 4 1
Logik für Informatiker: Logics for Computer Scientists - Propositional logic, predicate logic Dirk Siefkes Summer 1990 4 1
Formale Sprachen: Formal Languages - Automata theory, decidability Michael Löwe Sommer 1990 4 1

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