ISD Program & Clinic Overview

Information and Service Design (ISD)

Eric Kansa & Erik Wilde, UC Berkeley School of Information
August 08, 2007
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Outline (ISD Overview)

  1. ISD Overview [3]
  2. ISD Areas [1]
  3. ISD Projects [7]

Information and Service Design (ISD)

The Information and Service Design (ISD) program was established at the UC Berkeley School of Information in 2007 to provide a focus for teaching and research on the skills and concepts required by a service-led and information-powered economy. The ISD program runs a Clinic where students gain hands on experience in information service design and consultant practice.

ISD Program

The ISD program works to develop a coherent framework for the study of service by leveraging the School of Information's distinctive configuration of competencies in

ISD Clinic

The ISD Clinic has a mission to give students real-world experience in the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of information and information systems. We are developing the clinic to

Outline (ISD Areas)

  1. ISD Overview [3]
  2. ISD Areas [1]
  3. ISD Projects [7]

Area Overview

Outline (ISD Projects)

  1. ISD Overview [3]
  2. ISD Areas [1]
  3. ISD Projects [7]

Projects Need Architects

Fictional Project: Skype

Project Overview


SPath Examples


Web-Based Services vs. Web Services